Saturday, November 12, 2016

Give me groups and meetings with therapists all day rather than the weekend.  🙂 It was a little slow. I had just a couple groups that meet everyday, but not much else.  I did get to watch the boys swim in their very first swim meet because my dear Benj used video to let me see.  Tomorrow I get to give them all a hug because they are coming to visit!  And that means I can have my first Cafeteria Experience (CE) and eat downstairs without a group.  The dietitian will come down just to make sure I get my tallies right, but otherwise I”m on my own with my boys!

My best news from my 5 minute doctor check up this morning was that my heart rate was at 78.  That is fabulously wonderful news considering that on Monday, if my heart rate would have been one beat slower, I would have ended up in the hospital.  It was at 40.  Not sure if it will be at 78 tomorrow, but at least even a jump for a day means something is going right.  My doctor was pretty happy.  She said its so dangerous to be even in the 40s, where I normally have been, because when the heart beats so slow, there is a much greater risk that it won’t make it to the next beat and will stop.  If you have heard of people dying from eating disorders, it is quite often because their heart stops.  The body’s way of conserving the energy it has because its not getting enough from food – the heart slows down to the very slowest it can and still keep the body alive.  That was the number one thing that freaked me out last Monday and made the decision for me to stay.  So the fact that it was at 78 is incredible. Prayer and 6 meals/snacks a day are a great combination.  🙂  Tomorrow I will have labs done to check on the other indicators of my eating disorder, to see if they have improved also.  Pray for that!
I have received again encouragement right when it was needed and in the way it was needed throughout the day.  God is good to me through all of you.  So thank you for thinking of me amidst your busy lives.  It means a lot.
Have a blessed Sunday!
And by the way, I’ve found a new favorite snack.  Maybe some of you already knew this, but 1 cup of ice cream with one banana and 1 tbsp of nutella is definitely the way to go.  And if you eat that, you get 1 dessert, 1 fruit, and 1 fat for your tallies.  Just in case you were wondering.

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