Tuesday, November 8, 2016

So I had my first break through today.  🙂  Ok, I’m calling it my own break through.  I go to these meetings during the day and in one we had to think about a need that we have, who can meet that need, what it is, steps to take to get it met.  At first I was like, whatever, this is stupid (bad attitude I’m trying not to have), but then it suddenly dawned on me what my need is.  My need is people willing to butt into my life, be nosy, pull me out of my hermit status and make me social.  It’s been way too easy for me to make excuses for not going out and having that air of “leave me alone there’s nothing wrong so don’t pry” attitude.  I’m not putting pressure on you, but I need a social life.  🙂  I need people in my life who are willing to make me uncomfortable and ask questions and then drag my ass out of my house and do stuff.

So, that’s my break through that I’m actually pretty excited about.  It’s hard to hide when people won’t let you.  And I know I make it hard to be my friend, but if you can maybe put in a little extra work on me, that would help me out a lot.  Believe it or not, in high school and college I was a social machine.   Name the party, I was in the middle of it.  My first happy thought from being here.  And the fact that the food is actually really good.  I’ve never been on full feed before – 3 meals, 3 snacks a day.  But I kind of look forward to eating food that I never let myself eat before.  I had a chocolate chip cookie for snack today and pumpkin seeds. and it was tasty.  I”m very excited though for Phase 2 when I get to have some say in my meals.  Because some of the other ladies get good stuff that I wish I could have instead of my own meal.  And I will get to eat a couple meals in the cafeteria downstairs once I hit the next phase.  And I think in phase 3 I actually get to cook some.  Speaking of eating, supper is in a couple minutes so I’ll wrap this up.  I’m just excited to actually be excited about something and pumped enough to be willing to ask you all.

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