Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Home.  Shaved legs.  Different clothes.  Tallies accounted for.  How do I know I”m home?  my loud boys, unlocked bathroom I can use without asking, shower when I want instead of only after being weighed in the morning, open my fridge to find my own food, drink water in any room I want whenever I want.

The morning was good.  The new girl I told you about yesterday who didn’t have anyone to bring her her things that she forgot – I gave her the blanket I had from home on my bed.  I decided it would be easy enough to make a new one and the beds there have the thinnest blankets on them.  She is a tough girl who acts like nothing gets to her, but when I handed her my blanket and told her she could have it, I swear she almost cried as she said thank you.  I had to turn away quick because I was about to cry.  I’m not sure why but it broke my heart to see her melt by a simple thing like getting a blanket from someone.
Saying good bye to everyone was hard, especially TJ, but God moves us where he needs us to be.  And she’s texted me numerous times already, especially at afternoon snack, supper, and night snack to make sure I did my tallies.  I often wonder how someone I only have known for 2 weeks can turn into one of my best friends.  I miss her to the point of tears.
I am going to bed because I want to remember what a soft bed feels like.  I am thankful for all of you.

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