Spread Joy with Me Today


It’s November 7. Today is my 2nd birthday, 2 years of fighting my eating disorder head on and realizing what this life is supposed to be about. God gave me a gift and because of that I celebrate. I know not everyone is big into celebrating birthdays, but, friends, I’m a firm believer is marking our milestones! So today, I”m going to ask you to celebrate with me. If you are game, this is what we are going to do today:

🔸Tell someone how beautiful they are for something they’ve done, not because of how they look


🔸Don’t stop to look at a food label, but eat because it tastes good and stop because you are full


🔸Hug your spouse, children, sister, brother, mom, dad, coworker, friend, anyone and tell them you are blessed because of who they are and who they help make you to be


🔸If you hear anyone complain about something about themselves – their looks, weight, personality, ANYTHING – stop them, hug them, and tell them one characteristic you admire about them, that makes them unique and significant


🔸Tell your children today and everyday that their worth is not dependent on someone else’s opinion so that they grow up confident in exactly who they are


🔸Look in the mirror and instead of seeing everything you don’t like, consciously find one thing you do like and say it out loud


🔸See God in every part of your day and continually praise him for putting you right where you need to be today, doing exactly what he’s called you to do today


🔸Stop whatever you are doing, turn a circle, and SEE what you normally don’t take the time to notice – all the blessings you have that busy-ness and familiarity gloss over


🔸Laugh today. For no other reason than joy. Feel it. Search for that little tickle way down deep that wants to bubble over simply because you are alive, because God made you exactly as he wanted you to be, because God doesn’t ask for a perfect shape or a perfect job record or a perfect house or family. Let joy in simply being a child of God, created to thrive, let that joy erupt from deep down where you have maybe forgotten it sits inside of you, let that joy erupt in a laugh. Just laugh today because God sees you. And he is rejoicing over you too.

I am no longer a slave to an eating disorder. That doesn’t mean Satan isn’t sneaky, but what that means is that everyday I need to let go of fears and doubts and insecurity and hand those over to God. And the benefits are astounding! That’s why I celebrate my 2nd birthday today! Because I remember the before, and I am experiencing the after.


God. Is. Good.

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