Fighting Lies with Truth

This blog started as emails I sent home every night to friends and family while I was in treatment for my eating disorder. Then, when I got back home, it basically became an online journal of my recovery so that I could build the community of support I needed to stay away from ED. And now, as I’ve moved 2 and a half years past treatment, I feel my focus shifting again. I don’t need to use this blog as a journal for recovery anymore. I’m not fighting specifically the lies that ED puts into my head. But that does not mean that I’m not still fighting lies daily.

We are all fighting lies daily.

Satan sucks. Excuse my language but I need to use base language for the bottom dweller of the universe. He lies. About everything. And so now, what I write are my fighting words to put all of Satan’s lies into the light of truth.

I learn truth from the words of friends, family, strangers. From books and podcasts and blogs. From my boys and my students and my colleagues. From the smile of the Walmart greeter when I’m having a down day. But more than all of these, I learn truth from being founded in God’s word.

Truth is everywhere because God is everywhere. I’m slowly learning (because let’s be real, I’m a slow learner sometimes) I’m learning that keeping my eyes, ears, and heart open to God at all times allows his truth to shine bright. When I stop looking, I’ve put blinders on that keep God’s light from catching my eye. I stroll right past and fail to realize I’m drifting toward the ditch until it’s too late and I’m lying face down in the muck. I need reminders reminding me to remember to see God all day long.

To remember to see God. All. Day. Long.

If this blog can be my way to share those reminders and maybe be an extra set of eyes for anyone else’s heart as well, then this blog is serving its greatest purpose: Community.

We are community built and sustained by the power of God’s truth.

I hear lies about my body, about food and nutrition, about parenting and being a mom to my four boys, about relationships, about my identity and where I belong. But I refuse to accept a half life where Satan’s lies win too often. I want to grow and thrive as a child of the King, created for more than a life of settling for second best.

Let’s build this community together! I would love for you to join me! I have a vision for where this blog of mine will go, but ultimately, God is in charge and my prayer is that he will use my heart’s desires for his purposes and his glory.

We are community. I can’t wait to see where we grow!

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